Bonding is a highly complex technological process. For labeling, the adhesive must be compatible with four different factors: the surface of the container, the label itself, the equipment’s labeling technology, and recycling requirements.

The surfaces of glass bottles come in numerous varieties. They might be coated or uncoated. Following filling and during labeling, they may be cold or hot, dry or wet. The labels themselves multiply the demands made on the adhesives. It is critical to know whether they are made of plastic film or paper, and whether they are varnished, bronzed, or foil-laminated. Future challenges for labeling adhesives might also include special coated glass or plastic containers – constantly increasing in importance due to their low weight and subsequent recycling advantages. This is particularly true of the world’s beverage markets. Through constant advances, based on decades of experience, Henkel’s adhesives researchers will be in a position to solve any problem they may encounter, even the most complicated.

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