Packaging – a discipline for specialists

Exposed to anything from the blazing desert sun to the Arctic chill, adhesives must perform perfectly in all climatic conditions, and bonded packages must withstand a wide range of stresses before they are opened by the consumer.

However, it is not only the requirements of the finished package that are important. No less crucial are the processing characteristics of the adhesive in the packaging machine. A hotmelt adhesive has to fulfil a whole range of conditions in its particular application situation. Rapid curing, for instance, is a must for fast packaging speeds. Even so, open time has to be sufficiently long for the machine. The adhesive also has to satisfy many more, often customer-specific requirements.

This requirement profile is highly exacting. Until recently, it could only be satisfied by using different adhesives dedicated to certain limited tasks. To solve these multiple application problems, Henkel has developed a comprehensive product range. The adhesives systems of the Technomelt line meet all the needs of product packaging.

In view of the rapid advances in technology, changing consumption habits and society’s demand for sustainable, environmentally compatible production methods, Henkel and its customers are regularly confronted with new challenges. In consultation with raw material suppliers, machine manufacturers and the packaging industry, Henkel is constantly refining the Technomelt product group so that it delivers optimum performance in all the demanded sectors.
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