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Why quality doesn't hang by a thread
What would human knowledge be without books? Unchronicled, it would be quickly forgotten. Books can transcend the passage of time, even century after century; when it comes to long-term value and sturdiness, they are vastly superior to all modern information media.

Bookbinding quality depends in no small measure on the right adhesive. Whether for producing book cases, spine gluing, backlining or casing-in: Henkel's range of dispersion adhesives and hotmelts is comprehensive and crafted to perfection, with special products for all types of applications.

And that increasingly includes the area where quality hangs by a thread: or used to. Nowadays, thanks to a major development at Henkel, even hefty tomes with long life expectancies can afford to "lose the thread". That's because chemists at Henkel combined the properties of various adhesive systems to create a product with revolutionary benefits: Bindings made with Purmelt can take the heat above 80 °C as well as be left out in the cold below -20 °C. So the joy of reading is sure to last for years. In a practical test, Purmelt bound literature withstands more than five times as much pull forces than bindings made with conventional hotmelts.

Purmelt out-performs dispersion adhesives at length, too; and also wins hands down in terms of film elongation and yield strength. For even the toughest tasks, for example when it comes to coated stock with full-surface printing or cross grain binding, Purmelt adhesives constitute a real alternative to conventional edition binding with thread stitching.

Purmelt enhances even special binding techniques such as OTA-Bind, opening up opportunities for new varieties such as OTA-PUR. The next generation Purmelt system is also virtually impossible to top in cost efficiency.

And our Purmelts can look forward to an all-new performance range thanks to groundbreaking developments in nozzle-application technology. High speeds, coupled with substantial reductions in application quantity - it's already a reality.

Flexible solutions for long-lasting bindings
Henkel supplies the Graphic Arts Industry with all adhesive systems necessary for a perfect bond with every conceivable substrate. Made-to-measure solutions are available for the full spectrum of applications and technical configurations.

Dispersion adhesives can be considered the all-rounders of the adhesives world. They excel in virtually every discipline, and are known for their high adhesion performance and good cohesive strength - even if small quantities of adhesives are applied. Biggest plus: easy processability.

Hotmelts are made out of 100% solids. They are heated until molten and then are ready for use. The necessary stability is very quickly reached upon solidification. Hotmelts offer good rounding performance. Most important benefit: outstanding cost efficiency thanks to extremely high processing speeds.

Two-shot systems enhance - in homogeneous or heterogenous combination - the advantages of dispersion adhesives and hotmelts. The secret: A thin initial layer (primer) is applied to ensure good adhesion to the paper edges, followed by the top coat to stabilize the spine and affix the cover. The result: Bindings of exceptional sturdiness.

Polyurethane hotmelts are the adhesion world champions. The outstanding adhesion to the page edges guarantees extremely high binding strength. In the curing process there is a reaction of the polyurethane hotmelt with moisture from the air and paper.
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