Flexible packaging
Thanks to a touch of adhesive
Food packaging has to fulfill several tasks: information, segmentation, protection and preservation.These requirements led to the development of packaging that is flexible and light, yet tear- and compression-resistant, and guarantees that freshness and quality are protected until the product is used. Packaged soups and cooking ingredients have to be kept dry. Towelettes must stay moist. Meat and cheese need to stay fresh and hygienic. The aroma should never escape from coffee or tobacco packages, nor should acid corrode the inner layer of juice packaging.

Light and flexible packaging would not be possible without laminates. They result from the bonding of various materials, such as paper and plastic films or aluminum foil. Depending upon the intended use of the package, there may be two, three or four layers. In the laminator, the films are united with the help of special adhesives to form a new composite material – at machine speeds of 300 meters per minute or more. For more than 30 years, Henkel has been manufacturing special adhesives for laminating various materials, such as those necessary for flexible packaging.

In the meantime one and two component systems that are entirely solvent-free have been developed. Adhesives like these help to reduce the quantities applied, the costs, and the space required by machines, because expensive equipment to recover or burn off solvent can be eliminated.
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