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Adhesive Solutions for the Nonwovens Industry
Henkel is a global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of adhesives for nonwoven applications. We bring a host of new developments and advantages to your business to improve both your products and processes:

  • Cool Technology
  • Adhesives for thinner, more flexible substrates
  • Adhesives for the wide range of elastic materials

Henkel products can be found in every step of the production process, from nonwoven production to product converting and the packaging of several disposable hygiene finished goods:

Feminine Care
Be it for the positioning or the construction of feminine hygiene products, Henkel Dispofix hotmelts are designed to ensure maximum protection adapted to a modern and active life-style.

Infant Care
Thorough research and dermatological testing is a prerequisite for every hotmelt in our portfolio. Particular attention is paid to high adhesion and skin-friendliness to give the diapers or underpads the perfect absorption characteristics required for optimal dryness and wellness.

Adult Care
Close contacts to our customers are the key to success of our hotmelts in the incontinence industry. The feeling of serenity that we want to give the users of incontinence products is an ever-present element throughout the development of our hotmelts – from conception to the final launch.

Brands you can trust
Our DISPOMELT® COOL™ low application temperature adhesive has proven application temperatures as low as 120ºC. This technology has provided process efficiencies and application benefits to customers around the world.
Our proven range of DISPOMELT and DISPOFIX™ adhesives is constantly being augmented with new formulations to provide customers with trouble-free production and the final end product with optimum performance.

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