Tobacco industry
Smokers want taste, but only the taste of tobacco. Yet there are adhesives in cigarettes as well. It is easy to understand that they have to be absolutely devoid of taste, while meeting stringent tobacco and food regulations.

Henkel Laesser
The adhesive specialist Laesser, a company with a fine reputation in the tobacco industry, joined the Henkel Group in 1995. Since it introduces it's Clean Production concept 1998, the Laesser site in Erlinsbach, Switzerland has evolved into the world's most advanced production facility for cigarette adhesives. The equipment produces our Tobacoll® adhesives according to the tough hygiene standards of the pharmaceutical and food industry. Laesser's prominent position within the Henkel Group is underlined by its appointment as the Tobacco Adhesive Competence Center. It is from here that the worldwide development, production and sale of cigarette adhesives is planned and coordinated.

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