Bookbinding and Graphic Arts

Bookbinding has changed over the last decade from large runs of a single item to small-scale production of many different printed materials. This transition increases the importance of the raw materials used to create books and of the application of innovative technologies to assure quality, consistency and cost-effective production.

The quality of bookbinding depends to a large extent on the selection of the right adhesive. When it comes to bookbinding, bonding of book spines, padding or inserting the book block into the cover - HENKEL's product range of dispersion and hot melt adhesives has a ton of special products suitable for all types of applications.

Constantly maintaining high quality is crucial in the bookbinding and printing industry, and the proper management of the processes and materials is essential to achieving the best results. The manufacturers are looking for high resistance solutions, solutions which provide resistance to temperature and moisture and strong adhesion to various materials.

Henkel provides solutions which can help you achieve the optimal quality standards at the highest manufacturing speeds and within the broadest temperature range. The innovative Henkel technologies make it possible to optimize performance while reducing costs.

HENKEL supplies the printing industry with adhesive systems which ensure perfect bonding to virtually any substrate. Specific solutions for the full range of applications and technical configurations are offered.



TECHNOMELT® Hotmelt Adhesives

Nowadays, thanks to the technological achievements of HENKEL, even the most used and largest books can “live” their lives without the fear of being damaged. This is so because the chemists at HENKEL have combined the properties of different adhesive systems and have created a product with revolutionary advantages: bookbinding made with Technomelt can withstand heat above 80°C or can be left outside at temperatures below -20°C, so that to ensure that the pleasure of reading can last for many years. In practical testing, books bound with Technomelt withstood tensile forces five times greater than bindings made with conventional hot melt adhesives.

Whether your products are hardback or paperback books, catalogues or magazines, contact us and we will offer you the most suitable solution for your application.

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