End of Line Packaging (EOL)

When exposed to weather conditions, adhesives must perform perfectly, both at very high and at negative temperatures, and the bonded packages must be able to withstand all strains before being opened by the user.

In addition to the requirements for the finished packaging, there are also other essential things. No less crucial are the technological characteristics of the adhesive in the packaging machine. The hot melt adhesive must meet a range of criteria for the specific application. Rapid curing, for example, is an absolute must for high-speed packaging. However, the open time must be long enough to suit the machine. The adhesive must also meet a lot of other requirements – often specific to the particular customer.

Nowadays, when choosing a suitable adhesive for food packaging, one of the most important things to consider is food contact safety. Henkel takes this issue very seriously and all of its adhesives meet the highest safety requirements and standards.

For more information about the safe use of adhesives in the food packaging industry, please, visit Henkel's specially designed website. We believe that you will find the answers to all of your questions on this topic - http://www.packaging.henkel-adhesives.com/en/food-safe-packaging.html



TECHNOMELT® Hotmelt Adhesives

Given the rapid advancement of technology and the changing consumption habits as well as the society's demands for sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods, HENKEL and its customers are constantly facing new challenges. Engaged in constant consultations with raw material suppliers, machinery manufacturers and members of the packaging industry, HENKEL is constantly improving the Technomelt product line so that it provides optimal performance in all demand sectors.

We offer adhesive solutions for all kinds of packaging - bags, cartons and boxes. The main advantages of the adhesives in this category include:

  • Excellent bonding strength
  • Precise and reliable bonding
  • Quick curing after bonding
  • Clean work and easy cleaning
  • Heat resistance
  • Machine-adapted viscosity

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