Personal Hygiene

HENKEL is a global innovator, manufacturer and supplier of adhesives for nonwoven fabric, which should be beneficial to your business as it will allow improvement through following the latest market trends:

  • Adhesives with low application temperature
  • Adhesives for thin and very flexible substrates
  • Adhesives for a wide range of elastic materials

HENKEL products can be found at every stage of the production process, from the production of nonwoven fabric to the finished product and the packaging of individual hygiene products in disposable packages.

Feminine Care

Whether it is the positioning, the structure or the design of the hygiene products, HENKEL adhesives are intended to guarantee maximum protection, adapted to a modern and active lifestyle.

Growth in the feminine care market is driven by product innovations along with rising health and hygiene awareness among women. The transition from cost-focused hygiene products towards convenient and innovative products is bringing new consumer preferences to light. Quality and performance are the two leading criteria.

Henkel has a range of solutions for key applications:

Baby Diapers

Conducting in-depth research and dermatological testing is the most important step in the development of all of the thermoplastic adhesives in our portfolio. In the manufacture process of diapers or sanitary pads, particular attention is paid to things like high adhesion and gentleness to the skin and to the perfect characteristics necessary for optimal absorption, dryness and comfort.

When it comes to baby diapers, performance and comfort are the critical features every consumer is seeking. Parents are focused on the comfort of their baby and the high quality of the diaper which prevents leaks. Henkel has a proven portfolio of products designed for each application within diaper structure.

Adult Incontinence

Incontinence products are designed for different needs, each with different capacity and size. Performance and odour protection are key considerations for consumers. The increasingly active lifestyle of the elderly demands the need for improved products which move with the body.

Key requirements to adult diapers:

  • Absorbency
  • Design
  • Thickness
  • Performance

Close communication with our customers suffering from incontinence is the key to the success of our hot melt adhesives. We want to provide customers suffering from incontinence with hygiene products which provide a high degree of protection.



TECHNOMELT® Hotmelt Adhesives

Given the rapid advancement of technology and the changing consumption habits as well as the society's demands for sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods, HENKEL and its customers are constantly facing new challenges. Engaged in constant consultations with raw material suppliers, machinery manufacturers and members of the packaging industry, HENKEL is constantly improving the Technomelt product line so that it provides optimal performance in all demand sectors.