Tissue and Towel

What turns a piece of paper into a multifunctional fine paper product for cosmetic or other purposes? The answer is: a few grams of adhesive. In this industry, HENKEL special adhesives are used for a wide variety of applications. Whatever your needs are, we can give you the know-how for optimal adhesion in all production environments.

To ensure that its adhesives bond at the right time and at the right place as well as to determine the best adhesive viscosity, tack, open time and curing time, Henkel conducts research in collaboration with machinery manufacturers.

HENKEL adhesives for the fine paper industry, which supplies paper for cosmetic or other purposes, feature excellent properties in each of the following areas of application: spool (coil, roll) winding, initial bonding, lamination and final bonding.

We offer a range of adhesives tailored to the requirements of your application as well as technical support, which will help you increase both your productivity and the quality of your finished product.

AQUENCE® Water-based Adhesives


  • End of line bonding of rolls of toilet paper and kitchen paper towels
  • Lamination of paper towel sheets for household use /kitchen paper towels/, toilet paper and industrial rolls.
  • Manufacture of kitchen towels, industrial paper, tissue and wet wipes
  • Manufacture of spools and others

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