Corporate culture


At present, our team consists of 22 people - economists, engineers and specialists in various fields of industry, such as: printing industry, labelling, paper processing, furniture and footwear industry as well as industrial and domestic wastewater treatment.

As part of its continuous efforts to improve its activities and internal processes, to improve the quality of its service, to increase efficiency and quality, and to improve its safety and environment policies, the company has established and certified a quality management system which meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 -2008 standard.

Quality, safety and environmental protection policy are the main corporate principles, the strict observance of which allows the company to deliver products that continuously and constantly meet the needs and expectations of all its customers.

Actual Industries selects its suppliers only from companies which comply with its requirements and principles of quality. The company is consistently striving to improve its results by maintaining an open dialogue and establishing relationships of trust which lead to long-term relationships with its partners.

Showing care for people, the company provides safe and healthy workplace environment for its employees. Each employee takes responsibility for their participation in the processes and each employee (manager) is personally responsible for the quality of the services offered by the company.

Our Vision:

Actual Industries is the leader on the market of chemical products for the industrial market. This is because we strive to make people's lives better and easier.

To meet the expectations of its customers, the company applies a policy and meets the quality requirements set by the standard:


Our Advantages:

  • We are a customer-oriented company
  • We offer popular brands and technologies
  • We succeed as a team
  • We communicate openly and actively
  • We make our clients our friends


  • Training, workshops and presentations for all new products
  • Optimization of technological processes
  • We solve potential problems to avoid losses
  • We provide the necessary startup support
  • We provide after-sales services for the offered products


Certificate Management system as per BDS ISO 45001:2018 1.44 MB (pdf) Download
Certificate Management system as per BDS ISO 9001:2015 1.49 MB (pdf) Download
Certificate Management system as per BDS ISO 14001:2015 1.49 MB (pdf) Download