Treatment of Wastewater and Sludge in Wastewater Treatment Plants

With a 150-year history in the water and waste sectors and almost 90,000 employees, SUEZ is working on all 5 continents in the service of smart and sustainable resource management. A leader in maintaining the quality of industrial water!

The solutions offered by SUEZ are extremely diverse:

  • Optimizing water and wastewater treatment networks
  • Transforming waste into value
  • Creating new water resources
  • Solutions for development of sustainable agriculture
  • Solutions for improving air quality
  • Harnessing the energy out of water and waste
  • Creating an innovative ecosystem
  • And many others

Actual Industries offers

Actual Industries offers water treatment agents which are designed for the field of industrial water treatment and include the following product groups:

  • Preparations and systems for protecting steam or hot water boilers (low and high pressure) against corrosion and mineral deposits (scale);
  • Preparations and systems for protection of water cooling systems (open or closed type) against corrosion, mineral deposits and biological contaminants;
  • Systems for protection of installations for nanofiltration, ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis against clogging of the membranes with inorganic deposits (with antiscalants) and against organic contamination (with disinfectants) as well as for the periodic cleaning of membranes.
  • Preparations for dry cleaning of scale, corrosion and microbes from industrial systems and installations in order to improve heat transfer, to increase the flow rates up to their design values and to reduce the production costs.


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