Flexible Laminates

Food packaging must perform different tasks: provide information, divide the product, and provide protection and storage. These requirements have led to the development of packaging which is flexible and lightweight, and yet resistant to breakage or pressure, also capable of preserving the freshness and quality until the product is used. Packaged soups and cooking ingredients must be kept dry. Toilet wipes must be kept wet. Meat and cheese must remain fresh and clean. The aroma should never leave the packaging of coffee or tobacco, nor should the acid corrode the inner layer of the juice packaging.

Lightweight and flexible packaging would not be possible without the use of laminates. This type of packaging is produced by bonding various materials, such as paper and layers of plastic or aluminium foil. Depending on the purpose of the packaging, there may be two, three or four layers. In the laminator, at line speeds of 300 meters or more per minute, the foils are bonded together using special adhesives and they form a new composite material. For more than 40 years, HENKEL has been producing special adhesives for lamination of various materials used in the manufacture of flexible packaging.

Selecting the right adhesive is crucial for the production of laminates which are safe for use in the food industry and for achieving the desired properties of a package: easy filling and good holding properties, barrier properties and mechanical strength.



  • LOCTITE LIOFOL solvent-based adhesive - suitable for use at the highest line speed, suitable for high thermal load and for all other highly efficient applications in the food and non-food packaging industry.
  • LOCTITE LIOFOL solvent-free adhesive - the optimal combination of economic benefits and sustainability, offering exceptional efficiency.

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