Bonding is a complex technological process. When choosing a suitable label adhesive, it is important to consider the following four factors: the surface of the packaging, the type of label, the equipment for affixing the label and the recycling requirements.

The surface of a glass bottle can feature countless variations. It can be coated or uncoated. As a result of its filling, during the bonding process, the bottle can be hot or cold, wet or dry. The labels themselves also raise the requirements to the adhesive. It is essential to know whether they are made of artificial films or paper and whether they are lacquered, bronze plated or laminated with foil.

For labels used in the food industry, the safe contact between the adhesive and the product is extremely important not only from the regulatory but also from the consumer's point of view. Henkel offers food labelling solutions for a broad range of applications, including cold and wet surface labelling, film labels for milk bottles, adhesives for labels coming into direct contact with food, labels for fatty food as well as for wine and beverages.

These adhesive solutions for food labels feature high performance even in demanding applications, excellent adhesion to dry, wet and greasy products and very good bonding.



AQUENCE® Water-Based Adhesives

The AQUENCE® water-based adhesive product range consists of reliable solutions for many label applications, including transparent labels, permanent general purpose labels, pharmaceutical industry labels, and removable or interchangeable labels. In these applications, the main advantages include:

  • Suitability for high-speed bonding
  • Good adhesion to various substrates
  • Recommended for beverages and household applications
  • Superb water resistance
  • Suitability for contact with food

TECHNOMELT® Hot Melt Adhesives

Henkel TECHNOMELT® hot melt adhesives product range includes high-tack adhesives for a variety of label applications, including food labels, transparent labels, envelopes, general purpose labels, labels for fabric and rubber products, interchangeable and recyclable labels, and special purpose labels. In these applications, the main advantages include:

  • Good adhesion to various substrates, e.g. recycled paper, cardboard or PE
  • They allow for high quality label design
  • Suitability for demanding applications, such as direct contact with food, RFID or digital printing
  • Excellent adhesion to dry, wet or greasy products
  • Good performance at low temperatures

To learn more about our food labelling solutions and their specific benefits for your specific application, please, contact our specialists.

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